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I am unapologetically a millennial.   A Chicago transplant finding her way in the world from Orlando, FL. I have traveled more than many, befriended more than most, and have yet to find a more voracious or energetic individual. 

I'm an chemist, botvertising specialist, and lead generating machine. I specialize in growing businesses through sales or leads through digital ad campaigns.


Paid Digital Media Ninja - Define campaigns, strategize the marketing execution, and leverage analytics to grow results. I love what I do because I can implement strategy, creativity, strong relationship skills and professionalism while continuing to gain valuable knowledge via working in a fast-paced and dynamic business environment.

Currently advertising in 3 languages: English, French, & Italian.


I am a leader of the can do collaboration movement, innovator, facilitator of strategy & ideation, supporter of dreaming, slayer of negativity, defender of quality, silver lining opportunist, liberator of your inner child and a catalyst of possibilities. When people say that they can't, I show them that they can through intelligent and compassionate creative problem solving.

My Portfolio



I have worked for companies large and small. From The Walt Disney Co. to an ROI-centric Start Up agency. My marketing background is in hospitality, education,  B2C e-commerce, B2B, and timeshare with a whole lot of everything in between.

In marketing, it's all about the results. Ramping up to a campaign to kick-off is important. Following up the campaign's success and recommendations are essential. This is where the fun begins. I am obsessed with campaign success and perfecting the perfect marketing formula for conversion. 

I have a proven ability to lay the inspirational foundation for innovative results by leading senior teams to purposeful and passion driven strategies while intellectually extracting deep insights and human truths that inspire them. 


I have deep experience and knowledge of design thinking, story, strategy, marketing, research, consumer insights, and campaign development. My work history has provided a truly cross-functional wealth of knowledge that is evident in my approach.


I inspire and lead teams, innovate, and problem solve with a great deal of mental floss. I have the ability to plan and guide teams through an inspiring and efficient innovation process. Simply put I can get more out of a one-hour session than most do out of five meetings. 


In every step of innovation I ask the difficult, proactive, provocative, insightful, and disruptive questions that are a cause for real change that is new and useful for the end user while proving a benefit for the business. 



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Orlando, FL

Tel: 773-365-9442

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