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What is an infographic?



Infographics are a part of the off-page SEO strategy that provides other websites, publications, journalists, industry experts, and anyone engaged in social media with an asset that is relevant and easily shared across websites and social media platforms.

Click on the rotating thumbnails below to see the infographic in its entirety. 




Pepperdine Graduate Survey 2017
Distinguishing between BA & BI
The Anatomy of a Swing State
Positive company culture
Glocalization thumbnail
climate change infographic
Millennials image 2
housing title image
How does it work?

Pearson works to identify topics and create visually appealing infographics. Once the infographics are completed, Pearson will distribute them across the web. Utilizing a blend of resources, software, and current media relationships, our team builds outreach targets and an outreach campaign, leveraging trending topics in the news to contextualize the infographic within a trend or current event. This type of outreach and messaging will entice publications and bloggers to publish the infographic.

Why infographics?
  • Infographics make the digestion of a significant amount of data much easier.

  • Infographics can be a great link building tool, as well as a social indicator needed to

  • positively influence search engine rankings.

  • While building backlinks are the main focus, infographics also generate brand awareness, thought leadership, and website traffic.

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