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March 15, 2017

Data drives marketing. Understanding consumer engagement, customer retention, and growth optimization through accurate, insightful marketing research drives business. Although much has changed in the move to online enterprise, marketing research is still conducted in the physical and digital world. 

March 06, 2017

In 2012, first-time graduate enrollment for public administration and services climbed 5 percent and had increased 3.6 percent on average over the previous five years, according to a study published by the Council of Graduate Schools.

February 16, 2017

Sustainability initiatives improve economic health and citizens’ well-being. Among these efforts, legislators and community organizations work together to increase social equity so all who live here may have equal opportunity. However, to be sure, many individuals and leaders of minority communities can point to evidence that the U.S. is far from providing equality for all.

January 07, 2020

Engaged employees are easy to recognize. Distinctively energized with confidence, positivity, and an extraordinary will to achieve, their presence inspires those around them to excel. They are leaders by example. Calm, confident, yet intensely focused on the task ahead, they view any challenge as an opportunity. 

Top 3 trends in Business Leadership for 2016

Being in charge of an organization often means bringing out the best in employees. Many businesses are doing more with less and fostering environments that invite input from all sectors of their departments. Learn more about important business leadership trends and what skills can help you succeed in your chosen industry today. 

These 5 Business Leaders Have Their MBA Degrees

Many of today’s entrepreneurs and business leaders rely on the knowledge and strong foundation built upon an MBA degree. The following individuals took the time to study or graduate with an MBA degree and advanced to become well-known business and industry leaders.

The 5 Most Important Time Management Tips for Online MBA Students

MBA students often choose online programs for their flexibility. Students can fit classes around their other obligations and eliminate a commute to a campus, making online MBA study a good fit for a busy schedule. Once classes are underway, MBA students need to develop and use their time management abilities to make the most of their online courses and stay on top of deadlines. Use these five time management tips to get the most from online MBA courses.

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